3.03.2022 17:30 CET
How should universities facilitate new education formats?
What role do university spaces play in the fight against climate change?
Can metaverse substitute campus?



Visiting Lecturer at the TU Delft & learning spaces expert
Project Manager at the CHE & pioneer in future-oriented learning spaces
Analyst at Arup's Foresight & sustainability advocate
Research assistant at the Professorship for Urban Design, TU Munich
Pascale Leistra
Anne Prill
Tristan More
Matthias Faul
Professor at the University of Nottingham & VR-Expert
Expert in Teaching and Learning Spaces at TU Delft & advocate for innovation
Project Co-Lead for Plant a Seed
Project Co-Lead for Plant a Seed
Co-Founder of DigitalFUTURES & professor at FIU, Tongji and EGS
Vice president of Product Management at Labster & science enthusiast
Dean of the Faculty of CS and Engineering Sciences at the TH Cologne & pioneer in learning spaces
Moderator. Architectural Researcher and Workplace Consultant
Prof. Gary Burnett
Dr. Piet van der Zanden
Hannah E. Thomas
Elisabeth Thuro
Prof. Neil Leach
Maaroof Fakhri
Prof. Christian Kohls
Yonne-Luca Hack
Event opening

Block 1

Tristan More will present factors that will shape campuses and teaching in the coming decades - based on the Arup ́s newest 'The Future Ready University' report.
Pascale Leistra will look at the university campus and its essential role in a city's fabric. She will address questions such as: "How does a university campus evolve in time?" and "How can educational buildings adapt to future learning ways?".
Elisabeth Thuro and Hannah Thomas lead 'Plant a Seed', an interdisciplinary student initiative that applies research know-how to the main campus of the Technical University of Munich. Their living lab shows the potential of university spaces as an urban food supplier.
Matthias Faul will explore the link between universities and climate change. He will present how his work with TUM students defines today's spaces for future crises.
Panel discussion 1

Future Campus

17:35 — 17:50 CET | Tristan More
17:50 — 18:05 CET | Pascale Leistra
18:05 — 18:20 CET | Elisabeth Thuro & Hannah Thomas
18:20 — 18:35 CET | Matthias Faul
18:35 — 18:50 CET
17:30 CET

Block 2

Professor Neil Leach will focus on what developments are necessary to defend education as a universal right. He will address the potential of online learning to achieve a more inclusive, democratic, and fair higher education.
Professor Gary Burnett will talk about his virtual teaching island, Nottopia, and its potential for social and academic engagement.

Professor Christian Kohls will explore, under a design pattern scope, the planning and implementation of new spaces on campuses. These include hybrid design studios, innovation spaces, learning boxes, video rooms, and informal project areas.
Maaroof Fakhri will talk about options to create engaging and interactive STEM laboratory experiences for anyone with a laptop and internet connection.

Panel discussion 2


18:50 — 19:05 CET | Neil Leach
19:05 — 19:20 CET | Gary Burnett
19:20 — 19:35 CET | Christian Kohls
19:35 — 19:50 CET | Maaroof Fakhri
19:50 — 20:05 CET

Block 3

Using the Corona Pandemic as a catalyzer for new learning formats, Anne Prill illustrates how we can design sustainable learning spaces in the future. New didactic approaches in teaching as well as the (further) development of digital skills among students and teachers require new approaches for future campus structures and the availability of learning spaces.
Dr. Ing. Piet van der Zanden evaluates the issues of present physical educational spaces to create qualitative hybrid experiences, now that many students return to campus.
Panel discussion 3

Future Learning

20:05 — 20:20 CET | Anne Prill
20:20 — 20:35 CET | Piet van der Zanden
20:35 — 20:50 CET


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